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Artist's Note

It's been so long since i've heard from you.

Just to pair it up with Wishing. *edit* forgot to add, in case the pose looks familiar, i based the pose off from an image of Selene from Grandia 2 which I found.

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great eyes, not so great hands

Mon, Jul 28th at 01:36pm (14 years ago)
Imrik says:

And yeah! I am there. Will never ever miss one of your submissions! I love the other one. This has a point. Who is she? She feels lonely.. very lonely. Not as the last one. She was happy. But she´s sad. Very sad. And you can see it in her face. Awesome illustration again. But it feels so lonely and empty this time. The other one is my favourite!! And thank you a lot for the 1600 support!

Mon, Jul 28th at 02:13am (14 years ago)
asad says:

another master piece to add to my collection, thanks man.

Mon, Jul 28th at 11:44am (14 years ago)
invision says:

axii in da house

Mon, Jul 28th at 02:26pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:

most excellent indeed

Mon, Jul 28th at 02:38pm (14 years ago)

axii is godly

Mon, Jul 28th at 05:02pm (14 years ago)
Omar-X says:

This one is good

Mon, Jul 28th at 08:53pm (14 years ago)
ether says:

yay x2. :)

Tue, Jul 29th at 09:56pm (14 years ago)
_Rainman says:

love ^_^

Wed, Jul 30th at 11:28am (14 years ago)
Transic says:

Interesting style you have here man, very unique. I like the minimalistic approach to most of your pieces. Less is more.

Mon, Aug 4th at 02:36pm (14 years ago)


Sun, Aug 24th at 02:59pm (13 years ago)

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Created by axii
on July 28th, 2003


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