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my latest work, pleaze give usefull comments :)
in the zipfile included:

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Usability 3 of 10:
Improvements: Big text is not always the way to go, while this wall is on the OK side it needs alot more work for the majority to see it as something that can be used on a day to day basis. The number 1 rule to remember when submitting a wall is to ask yourself "Would I like to look at this wall for a month on my desktop" if your answer is NO then work on it some more. If you answered YES to this particular wall then I think you should keep this on your own personal site for others to download it from you there if they want it.

Sat, May 31st at 03:33pm (14 years ago)
Xenu says:

IF you want to see more stuff:

THANX for the comments :)

Sat, May 31st at 10:30am (14 years ago)
MaddDadd says:

Nice website Max, very usable. Update -- No Xenu, ive been to your Skinbase before. nice stuff. I was actually commenting about Max's website: Looks like he put alot of effort into it.

Sat, May 31st at 11:42am (14 years ago)

It's simply not a very good wallpaper dude. I had a mooch through your skinbase portfolio and I'd say this was about par with the rest of your stuff - very ordinary, very simple, mostly photoshop filters gone spastic and just not very good. I mean - this one here is basically a couple of blue to white gradients.

Sat, May 31st at 12:14pm (14 years ago)
herione says:

nasty text

Sat, May 31st at 05:04pm (14 years ago)
hermik says:

the text and the seperator do tear this thing down, the image itself is much better than your previously submitted work here.

Sun, Jun 1st at 01:24am (14 years ago)
Vandel says:

Good idea, correct job.

Sun, Jun 1st at 05:00am (14 years ago)
Halbyrd says:

not bad, but a little too simplistic...just about anyone who frequents this site can tell that it took maybe 3 min in Photoshop...try to stretch your skills a little more with your next submission

Sun, Jun 1st at 12:32pm (14 years ago)
buzlink says:

Good start bit get rid of that damn text.
Text is bad on any WP.

Sun, Jun 1st at 09:50pm (14 years ago)

other than the bad typo, imo it's still a nice wallpaper :)

Mon, Jun 2nd at 04:34am (14 years ago)

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Created by Xenu
on May 31st, 2003


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