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Artist's Note

The theme for depthCORE's 7th pack was "Rebirth", and the first thing that struck me was, "I gotta do something with embrios" and I did, the fruit of my labour is what you see here. I wanted to go for something dreamy but at the same time techhy looking (is "techhy" a word?).

Please comment

Please don't include the frame in your rating, the only reason it's there is because this website has no "indyart" section so I had to ad this frame for it to become a wallpaper, so please don't even bother mentioning it.

Don't forget to visit my website.

Comments (13)


Sorry, but the frame is there, and I hate it. It spoils the otherwise lovely work..mostly because of the tile effect....The "indyart " looks nice though. We have no indy art section because this is is not an art site, it's a desktop customization site.

Wed, May 14th at 10:42pm (14 years ago)
bluecube says:

Why make something you dont want rated?

Wed, May 14th at 05:35pm (14 years ago)
webdiod says:

if you don't like the border then just fire up photohop en crop it!

Wed, May 14th at 05:49pm (14 years ago)

hey look, it's the matrix in space!

Wed, May 14th at 06:55pm (14 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

its ok web diod... i still love you.

Wed, May 14th at 07:12pm (14 years ago)

yeah, i downloaded this, and just made the gray left and right parts white. looks beautiful.

Wed, May 14th at 08:19pm (14 years ago)
Dextro says:


Wed, May 14th at 09:56pm (14 years ago)

sorry you had to add the frame, i guess :( ... need to change the border colors, seriously... very interesting...

Wed, May 14th at 10:14pm (14 years ago)
sanderk says:

colossus is just jealous i think....badass work

Wed, May 14th at 11:27pm (14 years ago)
c h c says:

no colussus is not jealous, he's just doing his job.

Wed, May 14th at 11:52pm (14 years ago)

what do you guys have against borders?? It does suck that it has the "tile effect", but borders aren't bad. They actually make icon placement look nicer.

Thu, May 15th at 12:27am (14 years ago)
Girlietec says:

I don't mind the borders ( I love fractionals ) but I think there is a better color maybe? But otherswise it's really outstanding.

Thu, May 15th at 07:05am (14 years ago)
liqachu says:

i agree with colossus 72, like i said in ur other submissions, it looks like you've just taken the poster and slapped it in a border to make it a wallpaper, thats simply not going to get u the marks imo.

Thu, May 15th at 08:03am (14 years ago)

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Created by webdiod
on May 14th, 2003


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