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Wanted to make something that i haven't seen arround.. Used 3DSMAX for the full render. Photoshop for the TXT on the left corner, the texture, and the stuff on the right. The render is not edited. I kept the white part on the right because it causes a nice contrast. And the complete wallpaper gives me a nice and warm feeling. There is also enough space for icons, programs, etc. I use it myself too ;-) Please give comment on this one! Thanks!!!

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Overall this is pretty good, but there are some aspects that could be improved upon.

Wed, Mar 19th at 06:19am (14 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

that plane you have on the left seems cool at first. but then its not. i did a couple walls using planes in 3d its key to blend it in look at some of my walls to see how i did it. i think walls like that are supreme more people should do them.

Mon, Mar 17th at 03:50pm (14 years ago)

you mean the end isn't as cool then the beginning? Can you tell me how to blend it to make it better? (Thx for comments SirWonkus!!!)

Mon, Mar 17th at 05:07pm (14 years ago)

Umm... Helix? Could've done without the text. Colors are good.

Mon, Mar 17th at 05:09pm (14 years ago)

text and bottom right corner is not too hot

Mon, Mar 17th at 05:42pm (14 years ago)
nrgize says:

I think it looks pretty cool all around. I agree with SirWonkus. I don't personally like the colors, but that's not hard for me to change. :D Keep up the work; I wouldn't mind using this if it was fixed up a bit more.

Mon, Mar 17th at 09:27pm (14 years ago)
whody says:

i like the thumbnail better than the fullview. i don't think that 2d on the right goes well with the image, but i know you put some work into this. i wouldn't necessarily use it.

Wed, Mar 19th at 12:23am (14 years ago)
beecherw says:

cool pic. i dont dig the purple though. i mean, who wants to look at a purple desktop?

Sun, Jun 22nd at 10:09pm (14 years ago)

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Created by MagicalViper
on March 17th, 2003


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