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Artist's Note

I was a little bit jogging in the morning... so i thought i will do do some pics and a refreshing wallpaper. i know the orange is an eye-killer. but it goes well with the pictures. have a nice day.

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Comments (26)


You've improved like 110% from your very first time being here and now you are producing stuff like this. Wicked looks man, its very simple and stylish.
your color choices are super!

Tue, Mar 4th at 12:31pm (14 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

the picture bar looks cool, the rest of it is highly so-so

Tue, Mar 4th at 06:01am (14 years ago)
checkdog says:

Hy, Imrik! this wp really looks cool, but the yellow bg could differ a little more i think. try something gradient or some transient bgimage (like the clouds)

Tue, Mar 4th at 06:07am (14 years ago)
Imrik says:

you want to know what feeling it is to be featured. whoooooooie!!!!!!! thanks a lot to the staff for this big big present. AND VictorC. yeah. i thought i should rotate them. because... the blending with the next to .. pictures is a way better than not rotated.

Tue, Mar 4th at 06:07am (14 years ago)

I said it on my screenshot & I'll say it here. Sometimes you just need some color! I like the yellow. Warm, bright, makes you feel as if you are in the sun. Perfect wallpaper to cheer someone up who has the winter-blahs. I say keep it as is.

Tue, Mar 4th at 06:20am (14 years ago)
Laloe says:

The picture hold assosiations to spring and summer.....to feeligs we all long for in cold scandinavia at the moment.
Still I find it very refreshing and like candy for my eyes.....a very nice piece of work!

And I like the yellow too

Tue, Mar 4th at 07:21am (14 years ago)
LTD says:


Tue, Mar 4th at 08:06am (14 years ago)
PeteCee says:

I'm gonna agree also, I say feature this one. Great job Imrik.

Tue, Mar 4th at 08:19am (14 years ago)
hash says:

using it right now, very relaxing

Tue, Mar 4th at 09:33am (14 years ago)

i colored over the "where do you wanna skin today".

Now it's perfect.

Tue, Mar 4th at 10:46am (14 years ago)
drai says:

Great stuff Imrik. Love the colors and it's simplicity. Thanks for expanding my wallpapers folder :)

Tue, Mar 4th at 11:15am (14 years ago)
senex says:

I'm so going to use this in a theme sometime. just gotta get rid of the text

Tue, Mar 4th at 11:38am (14 years ago)

I agree with the other ones .. this is absolutley great, like your past works .. keep up the great work :)

Tue, Mar 4th at 12:53pm (14 years ago)
Compo says:

wouldn't change a thing Imrik - nice job all around :)

Tue, Mar 4th at 01:23pm (14 years ago)
zeroalpha says:

photos are always dopeage

Tue, Mar 4th at 01:32pm (14 years ago)
VictorC says:

the message and the fact that the last 2 pics are rotated kindof irk me. But other than that I like it.

Tue, Mar 4th at 04:23pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:

lol. Imrik . i assume it's your first time featured. that cool :)

Tue, Mar 4th at 05:11pm (14 years ago)

really neat - i love it.

Tue, Mar 4th at 05:47pm (14 years ago)

very cute colors

Tue, Mar 4th at 06:51pm (14 years ago)

this doesn't deserve anything lower than a 95...but some people...anyway, awesome job!

Tue, Mar 4th at 07:13pm (14 years ago)
sticboy says:

nice wall, bad typography, spacing needs word.. great comp.

Tue, Mar 4th at 07:34pm (14 years ago)
Anetalaya says:

I just came from the beach and find this as featured, great!!! =)

Tue, Mar 4th at 10:15pm (14 years ago)
Gearman says:

Gorgeous! Simply wonderful work. I love everything about it. I'm hesitant to suggestion something light in the background because it could very easily throw off the whole balance of the image. Wonderful work lmrik

Tue, Mar 4th at 10:51pm (14 years ago)

just for being imrik. wall isnt bad either :P

Wed, Mar 5th at 12:08am (14 years ago)
dc_ob says:

color is great.. i also like the pictures really refreshing to all the hightech stuff.. id totally use this but i dont wanna make a new theme :P but damn, cant u just imagine a windows xp logo on that thing? looks really professional

Wed, Mar 5th at 02:18am (14 years ago)
woodehall says:

Nice work dude! This is very refreshing.

Wed, Mar 5th at 03:41am (14 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on March 4th, 2003


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