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If there is anything i could change, let me know, tell me. Any Suggestions are welcome.

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The text is intrusive, but other than that, it's fun to look at. But probably not to use.

Sun, Feb 9th at 11:14pm (14 years ago)
dephunked says:

i feel the rating is a little high for what is just a filter/tutorial piece but it shows promise, there are a lot that are far far worse. hmm....

Sun, Feb 9th at 05:41pm (14 years ago)

I think the rating is just fine

Sun, Feb 9th at 06:03pm (14 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

clouds: difference clouds. a good little trick i use it alot myself. im not a fan of the backround.

Sun, Feb 9th at 06:29pm (14 years ago)
Dokt says:

Yea... I kind of don't object to the rating. Sure, it's a couple of tutorials, but the resulting images have been nicely knitted together in a pleasingly simple way. Everyone has to start somewhere... I'm pretty certain my first wallpapers weren't this good :)

Sun, Feb 9th at 06:29pm (14 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

Tuts all the way.

Sun, Feb 9th at 09:09pm (14 years ago)
Toular says:

Yeah, you guys are right.. I was playing with tutorials yesterday... And to be honest with you, if you look at my previous submissions, I dont think this is all that bad. Its one of my first works, They're only bound to get better.

Mon, Feb 10th at 11:54am (14 years ago)

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Created by Toular
on February 9th, 2003


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