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My first abstract 3d wallpaper :)
3d studio & Photoshop

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The text makes this work real good, it adds balance to it. Nice touch!

Fri, Jan 31st at 02:21am (14 years ago)
Shax says:

I noticed that it looks really different (crappy) on my brother's screen (which is much lighter)..Hope you've got a dark screen ;) :: update viralhacker: It is supposed to be black.. But it might be grey on a lighter screen :) On my screen it's all black, blue and white

Wed, Jan 29th at 04:51pm (14 years ago)

I like it... looks like I am underwater or something...looking up... I like it... make more :) nice and dark, nice choice of colors

Wed, Jan 29th at 06:44pm (14 years ago)
senex says:

sorry, to me it looks like a a bunch of shards, and the aftermath of a filter fest.

Wed, Jan 29th at 07:51pm (14 years ago)


Wed, Jan 29th at 08:53pm (14 years ago)

yeah, looks a little bit on the hazy side to me - it should be a darker black

Thu, Jan 30th at 12:45am (14 years ago)
Ofaris says:

nice m8

Fri, Jan 31st at 09:37am (14 years ago)
Compo says:

nice, looks like a scene from a horror movie preview(no not Darkness Falls - that movie really sux) ;)

Fri, Jan 31st at 02:00pm (14 years ago)

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Created by Shax
on January 29th, 2003


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