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Artist's Note

I normally don't do this type of art, but for once, I wanted to just explore the aesthetical side without creating a concept or without trying to visualize certain emotions.

So I started a little mini-series, called The Simplicity Complex Experiment (I'm sorry, I love that kind of arty stuff).

About the image:
Most of it is one consistent 3D render, done in Bryce. But still, a lot has been added in Photoshop. All the texture cracks were added and distorted by hand to somewhat match the refractions of the glass tubes.
The face in the center is an airbrush based on a photo I took of a statue in Barcelona (forgive me, I don't remember where exactly).

All photography/textures/graphics by cyber-crash.

More images and prints available at .

Comments (5)


Very busy, but a nice looking wall, a lot of energy here.

Mon, Jan 27th at 02:57am (14 years ago)

wow. very nice, but too busy (IMO) to use as a wall. Nice piece of art though. [edit: whody it's "COMPLEX" simplicity ;D]

Sat, Jan 25th at 07:57pm (14 years ago)
Compo says:

the middle feels like when it's really cold outside and you get that frozen stuff on your windows....(ok, i guess we call that frozen stuff ice ;)

Sat, Jan 25th at 08:03pm (14 years ago)
whody says:

that's not that simple

Sat, Jan 25th at 11:40pm (14 years ago)
c h c says:

a little too chaotic for me.. but still.. it's really good work

Sun, Jan 26th at 02:55pm (14 years ago)

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Created by cybercrash
on January 25th, 2003


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