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Something for new year...:)

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very good work here indeed, but it really lacks a centerpiece that you can focus on. And it does not have much of a purpose except a doodle, a typical abstract 3d error

Fri, Jan 3rd at 06:55pm (15 years ago)
Bl8ent says:

love it but it seams to be missing some 3d quality

Fri, Jan 3rd at 01:14pm (15 years ago)
Spayk says:

reminds my of ataraxia, but a bit disorganised..

Fri, Jan 3rd at 01:53pm (15 years ago)
c h c says:

great colors, needs better planning and placement. but nonetheless, awesome design

Fri, Jan 3rd at 06:24pm (15 years ago)
n20 says:

shit is pretty

Fri, Jan 3rd at 07:24pm (15 years ago)
ckyfish says:

looks like a "tag" but in 3d...you spelled ebola wong its ebola not ebolia...unless thats a made up word, then i profusley apoligize from the bottom of my heart for mocking your spelling error, otherwise, DUMBASS!

Fri, Jan 3rd at 08:35pm (15 years ago)

fairly inventive and supa dupa on the eyes. Verily.

Fri, Jan 3rd at 10:44pm (15 years ago)
Blat says:


Fri, Jan 3rd at 11:32pm (15 years ago)

featured, yet admin rated 65. hmm

Sat, Jan 4th at 02:15am (15 years ago)
webdiod says:

pretty sweet! good job!

Sat, Jan 4th at 04:53am (15 years ago)
VSL says:

Hehe... ckyfish I leave you the credit for great eye!

Sat, Jan 4th at 09:34am (15 years ago)

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Created by VSL
on January 3rd, 2003


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