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I think this one looks prty cool. Took about 3hrs. over thanksgiving. 100% ps. Coments good or bad greatly apreciated.

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The highlights look to hot, and overall it's lacking polish, but with some work it could roll with the big boys.

Wed, Dec 4th at 04:51pm (14 years ago)
ckyfish says:

you really have something goin there but its a bit too jumbled...the text isnt that good but i really like whats underneath the main shape...the shape seems so forced and just plopped (if you will alow me to use such a gay word) ontop of a potentialy good wall and then with some filters that dont do it justice, i hope you put the main shape on a diffrent layer so you can delete it and the text so i can see whats goin on underneath
oh and the copyright is cheesy

Tue, Dec 3rd at 08:30pm (14 years ago)
sticboy says:


Tue, Dec 3rd at 09:09pm (14 years ago)
Mafiakid says:

I agree with ckyfish the shapes ontop don't look like they fit. The wall inbehind would look nice with out the odd shapes.

Tue, Dec 3rd at 09:10pm (14 years ago)
Shad0w says:

Overall this one is setup very nicely. The 3D weird thing is a great hotspot for the wallpaper, and it grabs my attention first, the other portions of it are a great addition, but I just feel it is still missing something. Like something else that need to be blended in with it, something to overlay it with, with a low opacity, like 10%, to enhance it a bit more. Just my 2 cents.

Wed, Dec 4th at 09:45am (14 years ago)
Zyric says:

like the shapes....but nothing more!!

Fri, Dec 6th at 01:19pm (14 years ago)

I like the whole dam thing.....your other works are cool too>

Tue, Jun 8th at 12:04pm (13 years ago)

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Created by wrAith
on December 3rd, 2002


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