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I thought this was a ss at first. It's pretty messy, imo. Needs that pro polish.

Wed, Nov 27th at 09:42pm (15 years ago)
FLY says:

work a little on background of wall. and it wold be perfect. the creature doesnt seem to go nice with the rest.

Wed, Nov 27th at 06:05pm (15 years ago)

i like the shape thingZz but change the "thing" in the middle...i don want something that look so ugly on my desktop....

Fri, Nov 29th at 03:45am (15 years ago)
essenkae says:

a rating would be discouraging. i see where ur headed........keep working and change it a little to make it a wallpaper. i looks like a desktop ss. hahaha...... UPDATE:: so.. u really want me to rate it? fine...............

Fri, Nov 29th at 03:46am (15 years ago)
Kirby says:

I don't quite understand what you were going for in the top left, and the red/green colors of the monster; or whatever it is don't quite go. Also, the empty block on the bottom right? With a bit of work, and cleaning up this could be decent.

Sun, Dec 1st at 07:06pm (15 years ago)

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Created by arashi
on November 27th, 2002


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