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Artist's Note

Continuing the urban theme.

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Another nicely done wall, though it looks strtangely blurred to me in areas.

Tue, Nov 12th at 03:47am (15 years ago)
dammon says:

not smooth enough for me... and not enough color for me... well, actually, I like it! but it needs fixing

Mon, Nov 11th at 10:41pm (15 years ago)

I set it as my wallpaper for like 5 minutes and I looked at it...and it made me feel like I was falling down...I like the other one better... this needs some work... I dont like falling :S

Tue, Nov 12th at 12:46am (15 years ago)
jsuh says:

Whoa, this makes me dizzy and naseous =o

Tue, Nov 12th at 01:32am (15 years ago)
djbkxr says:

I like it

Tue, Nov 12th at 03:55am (15 years ago)
HamToolie says:

I feel like I'm looking between the building's legs towards its head as it has its feet and hands on the ground. If you were going for disorienting, I keep trying to turn my head upsidedown to look at it, it worked. But that's not really the feeling I'd want for a desktop I look at all day. Maybe in small doses if I'm trying to get creative it might be good. Good color scheme though.

Tue, Nov 12th at 12:38pm (15 years ago)
sanderk says:

interesting...confusing..i don' like the center that much...good

Tue, Nov 12th at 12:58pm (15 years ago)
astro says:

its kinda cool but its just not one i would use cool idea to man

Tue, Nov 12th at 01:44pm (15 years ago)
kilix says:

0riginal fo shur

Tue, Nov 12th at 06:50pm (15 years ago)

hahaha, sorry, here's an 80.

Wed, Nov 13th at 12:09pm (15 years ago)
Coestar says:

omg. why the fuck did you give me a 1 you asshole?

Wed, Nov 13th at 04:13pm (15 years ago)

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Created by Coestar
on November 11th, 2002


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