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Its been quite a while since ive been here. i hope you guys like it.

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I'm not really sure what to make of it....but the color choices are nice and the unrecognizable face really fits well.

Fri, Nov 8th at 07:28pm (15 years ago)
fedrlpunk says:

sorry, it didnt come out in the best quality... if anyone happens to want a higher quality version just email me at

Thu, Nov 7th at 10:06pm (15 years ago)
Anetalaya says:

it's a good idea, and you worked it very well, but the quality is Really very poor. you should re-submit it again....

Thu, Nov 7th at 10:32pm (15 years ago)
c h c says:

cool concept. i like this style, work on it and improve.. i can see this going somewhere..

Thu, Nov 7th at 11:17pm (15 years ago)
merkurixx says:

hey fedrl i remember you! its been a while hasnt it. anyway the composition of this wall is great, i'm just not too crazy about the mix of red and tan. maybe another color mix would look better?

Fri, Nov 8th at 12:18am (15 years ago)
StrYdeR says:

ummm who or what is it?

Fri, Nov 8th at 08:03am (15 years ago)
Unclear says:

-5 for poor quality

Fri, Nov 8th at 06:02pm (15 years ago)

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Created by fedrlpunk
on November 7th, 2002


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