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Cartoon like in nature, but kinda pointless.

Tue, Nov 5th at 05:19pm (15 years ago)
jackcrow says:

i like your style a lot.

Tue, Nov 5th at 02:07pm (15 years ago)
Mr. T says:

Those colors do not go well together in that amount. Thats why XP stock colors arent cool. Well, thats one reason they arent. I like the design, but change one of the colors to a more complimentary color.

Tue, Nov 5th at 05:42pm (15 years ago)

rkenshin: Pointless? You mean to say that the rest of the stuff on this site has a point? Its window dressing. Gravy.

Anyway, you have managed to trademark the work Wheel and then place some "pointless" text beside your wheel. I like the colours.

Tue, Nov 5th at 08:53pm (15 years ago)
Drafter says:

Heh potatos....

That text beside wheel is Wheel
but in slovak

it have also some different meaning in slovak but i wont to explain it here...

Tue, Nov 19th at 10:02am (15 years ago)

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Created by Drafter
on November 5th, 2002


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