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Colour Type: Emerald Red

Keep it real!

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Important Note! Respect the personal work of an graphic artist like me and realize yourself what kind of affords it cost to created a piece like this. So.. donít use my work for commercial proposals or use partís of it in your creations. If youíre interested in my work and like to use it for commercial stuff, you can always contact me at .

Comments (9)


I agree with Spayk, and at least you are using your own model on this one.
Nice sort of "kubrick" (you know what i mean!) quality to it though.....

Fri, Oct 18th at 08:41pm (15 years ago)
zalains says:

Note: The thumbnail look's like SHIT!! The original design is from superior quality!! Update...most of the work was the material...not the simple mesh!!!!

Fri, Oct 18th at 02:13pm (15 years ago)
Spayk says:

I dunno looks like u just extruded a whole sphere and put it in a letterbox..
Nevertheless it looks cool a lot of space for icons and all that..

Fri, Oct 18th at 02:35pm (15 years ago)
c h c says:

it looks like the other wp.. different angle and color.. perhaps i'm wrong again.. looks cool.. long pieces of jello

Fri, Oct 18th at 08:58pm (15 years ago)
MooseSkin says:

I like the way the letterboxing doesn't just cut off the picture but kind of masks it. Not the kind of thing I'd go for though so I won't rate it cos it wouldn't be fair.

Fri, Oct 18th at 08:59pm (15 years ago)

Heh is there anything you can't do? This looks great, just like pretty much everything of yours. Great job.

Sat, Oct 19th at 03:10pm (15 years ago)

I love the glass look of the shapes. Its my current WP :D

Sat, Oct 19th at 07:52pm (15 years ago)
meowpox says:

ooh nice

Sat, Oct 19th at 09:11pm (15 years ago)
dammon says:

I want to learn how to do this! this is great!

Sun, Oct 20th at 04:23am (15 years ago)

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Created by zalains
on October 18th, 2002


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