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Artist's Note

First of all, apologies to zalains. I was working on this before zalains uploaded CyberAqua II:
This was originally for a client. The large drop was the shape of their logo. Model is a greyscale bump made in photoshop and then imported into Bryce as a terrain. Just add a couple of metaballs and render for 10 hours.
This is the 1600x1200 version. Other sizes available on:

Comments (10)


A realy nice water droplet. The effects are really realistic and quite nice.

Thu, Oct 17th at 01:32pm (15 years ago)
StrYdeR says:

This is good shit. The light and reflections add realism to this piece.

Thu, Oct 17th at 07:50am (15 years ago)
angelruca says:

its almost real. wow. if the ripples were just a little less blue.....wow.

Thu, Oct 17th at 08:24am (15 years ago)

I've been fooling with importing bmps into bryce as well, s'fun. This came out nicely.....you must have added the "reverb" drops apart from the bmp?

Thu, Oct 17th at 01:19pm (15 years ago)
sh33pz says:

nice but i don't like the blur edges , i certainly blur :P

Thu, Oct 17th at 02:32pm (15 years ago)
ia says:

10 hours!

nice effect.

Thu, Oct 17th at 04:49pm (15 years ago)

Bravo...looks great... i dont like the blured edges much though...but its great

Thu, Oct 17th at 06:21pm (15 years ago)
L3VI says:

i think the blured edges are great, they let bring your attention more to the drop.

Thu, Oct 17th at 10:15pm (15 years ago)
mojojojo says:

how very impresive

Fri, Oct 18th at 02:46am (15 years ago)
Ainan says:

looks sweet. the attention is drawn to the most important part of the pic. great work!

Thu, Nov 21st at 01:27am (15 years ago)

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Created by Giraffe
on October 17th, 2002


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