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Wallpapers / Pretty Picture Generator - 3.First State

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Artist's Note

Pretty Picture Generator - 3.First State

Image info
I was taking macro shots of some leafs when I got the idea to 'merge' one of the shots with a fractal. And after some experimenting I used UltraFractal to do the fractal and the rest was done in Photoshop, it also contains a few fragments of a Bryce render.

Serie info
Originally Pretty Picture Generator was going to be just an exploration of some sort of 3D futuristic/cubistic style I had in mind. As always, some form of concept started to grow around the images and if you pay attention to details and think about them a bit you might see references to the evolution of art and technology and the relations between them. Still, I tried to put a bit more focus on the esthetic aspect of the serie than the concept.

all graphics and photography by cyber|crash

See the complete serie at

Comments (4)


Crazy image ... its sexy, but something about just makes me see that its not as good as your other pieces of work. Maybe its the background behind it all.

Fri, Oct 11th at 11:57pm (15 years ago)
Anetalaya says:

I still don't know if I like it or no..... good thing is that you give to fractals a different use.

Mon, Oct 7th at 02:59pm (15 years ago)
Spayk says:

I really don't think your pretty picture generator is a good wp maker.. but all in all the graphics it generates are very pretty could be merged with some 3d abstract models and in the end you could come up with a cool thing

Mon, Oct 7th at 06:23pm (15 years ago)
softcore says:

I love customize..this is mandelbrot algorithm(ever heard of complex numbers ?)+water drops..
And it's got far more points than a lot of respectable pics which actually required some skill to make
(The image isn't bad though..I'm more talking to the admins)

Sun, Oct 13th at 10:22am (15 years ago)

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Created by cybercrash
on October 7th, 2002


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