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hope you like it

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A little bland, but I dig it.

Fri, Oct 4th at 12:59pm (15 years ago)
Pockey says:

Interesting design, but too much white for my palette

Fri, Oct 4th at 07:26am (15 years ago)
AdamTT says:

dude, this is the same just inverted. and gear, no offence, but please do some research before you rate something that high

Fri, Oct 4th at 09:39am (15 years ago)
DrGamez says:

yeah, if you put soemthing more like... something - i wanna say something tech-ish or something, but thats me; then I would give it more points.
Inverting something doesn't count too highly - but its better than the un-inverted version.

Fri, Oct 4th at 05:19pm (15 years ago)
hutt says:

adamtt: everyone is entitled to their own opinion. this looks like a radial blur + swirl to me

Sat, Oct 5th at 05:46am (15 years ago)
cplex says:

This is cool

Sat, Oct 5th at 09:13am (15 years ago)
essenkae says:

iiii liiiiike it

Sun, Oct 6th at 05:04pm (15 years ago)
gigabyte says:

HMM....seems like the pic b4, but just 1 render in difference? am i the only 1 who notices this Phenominon?

Mon, Oct 7th at 12:57am (15 years ago)
DXY says:


Mon, Nov 4th at 01:59pm (15 years ago)

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Created by stinker
on October 4th, 2002


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