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Artist's Note

I made a graffiti sketch with the words Phab + Moin. I used the sketch in this wall.

Comments (13)


Awesome work and cool effects with the grafitti. Love it.

Sun, Sep 29th at 03:25pm (15 years ago)
sticboy says:

niffty, saw this on deskmod yesterday.. good stuff.

Sun, Sep 29th at 10:54am (15 years ago)
Yocke says:

It's a cool sketch, but I'm not really a fan of white wallpapers.

Sun, Sep 29th at 10:57am (15 years ago)
whody says:

awesome! this is awesome!

Sun, Sep 29th at 11:18am (15 years ago)
yankee says:

also loved your wallpapers they kick ass but im kinda getting tired of those colors u always use in them....?

Sun, Sep 29th at 01:28pm (15 years ago)
Spayk says:

Love it , i love simple wallpapers when they really have an eye appeal. This one kicks ass

Sun, Sep 29th at 02:15pm (15 years ago)
Dokt says:

Pretty out there ...

Sun, Sep 29th at 04:12pm (15 years ago)

holy shit something new and original.... its about time. nice job illustrator. plus, graf is always a cool thing... check out dondi white..

Sun, Sep 29th at 06:12pm (15 years ago)


Sun, Sep 29th at 07:32pm (15 years ago)
n20 says:

the hand style is weak but what the form lacks makes up in the effects

Sun, Sep 29th at 07:34pm (15 years ago)
Compo says:

i love the suttleness of all the work put into this...

Mon, Sep 30th at 03:33pm (15 years ago)
mojojojo says:

i think this sux

Tue, Oct 1st at 01:33am (15 years ago)
c h c says:

does not deserve a 4

Mon, Dec 30th at 09:49pm (14 years ago)

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Created by illustrator
on September 29th, 2002


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