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Artist's Note

Raster - Chapter 009

Theme: Resurrection

Basic 3D scene created in 3dsmax and then worked on it alot in photoshop.

Comments (22)


looks to be an alien\future graveyard??

Nice idea, the (max filter?) shooting out from the tomb looks ace. And the post production work is evident. It would be nice if the cross in the foreground looked like it was planted in and disrupting the earth, rather than looking like an object just sort of intersecting with another...but all in all, it's fun......

Fri, Sep 13th at 02:50pm (15 years ago)
ckyfish says:

loose the skull

Thu, Sep 12th at 07:33pm (15 years ago)
Compo says:

yes the skull sticks out... An i don't know, something about it i don't like...

Thu, Sep 12th at 07:37pm (15 years ago)
whody says:

love the colors! update: am i the only one that didn't notice the skull when i first looked

Thu, Sep 12th at 07:57pm (15 years ago)
nrgize says:

nice, i love the colors you used. I agree with the rest when they say to loose the skull.

Thu, Sep 12th at 08:03pm (15 years ago)
drai says:

fill that empty black space and as said before, loose the skull or whatever it is. as whody stated, the colors really rocks.

Thu, Sep 12th at 08:27pm (15 years ago)
ether says:

i like the skull actually. the details are amazing. good stuff per your usual show. :)

Thu, Sep 12th at 08:30pm (15 years ago)
Plex says:

Oh snap, but what's the ugly thing on the left?

Thu, Sep 12th at 08:32pm (15 years ago)


Thu, Sep 12th at 08:56pm (15 years ago)
senex says:

I was thinking when I saw the pic, "holy shit, that looks awesome!" and I was wondering what skull everyone was talking about, but when I saw it, I agreed totally. A really awesome pic otherwise though

Thu, Sep 12th at 08:59pm (15 years ago)
Knuff says:

The skull doesn't really bother me. The cross on the left does, however. I'd like it a lot better if that was gone and replaced by some sort of large figure or something in the bottom left...other than that, this is t3h 5h17!

Thu, Sep 12th at 09:17pm (15 years ago)
kewlpyro says:

I actually like the skull, and the wall rocks!

Thu, Sep 12th at 10:37pm (15 years ago)
essenkae says:

i like the colors too!!

Thu, Sep 12th at 10:53pm (15 years ago)
kidtopher says:

could really do without the religous context.

Fri, Sep 13th at 12:23am (15 years ago)
n20 says:

skull stands out too much

Fri, Sep 13th at 01:49am (15 years ago)

Jeebus shaves.

Fri, Sep 13th at 05:53am (15 years ago)
WeaponX says:

good job

Fri, Sep 13th at 07:34am (15 years ago)
liqachu says:

lose the scull (as some1 alreay mentioned) and that cross on the right should b drastically changed, or taken out all 2gether (if u lose the religous theme)

nice colours tho

Fri, Sep 13th at 07:44am (15 years ago)
wraybling says:

i think the skull looks good. everything looks good! nice work dj-designs. kidtopher: low rating b/c its religious? pshh. liqachu: what cross on the right? ;) update: sirwonuks, i think the cross looks more futuristic because it is rounded -- its a good change from the traditional blocky cross, imo

Fri, Sep 13th at 05:59pm (15 years ago)
Oppy says:

I hate it. Its got a cross or some shit. Who believes in God, anyway? Me no like religion. Being atheist is cool. But honestly, I don't think the cross or any of the imagery ruins the picture. It's an artist's prerogative. However, even though it is a very pretty rendering, it doesn't do much for me in the wallpaper department...i just dont see plastering my desktop with it. Too moody, perhaps. Icons wouldn't really go over it, unless you really want to deface the beautiful imagery with your Kazaa shortcut.

Fri, Sep 13th at 06:06pm (15 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

did anybody else notice liqacho doesn't know his left from his right. i like colussus idea about the cross breaking out of the ground...and i think it would be better if the cross was less shapely and more block you know? and oppy if your forcing your opinions on some one your an idiot. it kinda backwards to be forcing atheisim. people can choose for themselves.

Sat, Sep 14th at 10:13am (15 years ago)
kurupt908 says:

looks like something from a video game

Sat, Nov 16th at 11:09am (15 years ago)

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Created by DJ-Designs
on September 12th, 2002


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