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Artist's Note

With gracious permission by ~elementalist () I have taken his beautiful photo and added some customized knotwork and simple title. The detail in this picture shows the stunning beauty of Ireland.

Comments (6)


the photo is indeed stunning (photography wise - the norwegian mountains look better :P) but its not yours. and as far as the knotwork goes, you havent really done that much with this picture. in total its a nice wp , ranking much higher than this, but because you yourself only did the knotwork stuff this is why it ranks like this.

Wed, Aug 28th at 07:15pm (15 years ago)
Knuff says:

Er, yeah...the photo's great, but the frame is cheesy. Not cheesy like cheesy poofs. The other kinda cheesy.

Wed, Aug 28th at 11:34pm (15 years ago)

honestly, i feel you "crapped up" a beautiful photo

Thu, Aug 29th at 06:17am (15 years ago)
biline says:

honestly, i feel you "crapped up" a beautiful photo

Fri, Aug 30th at 02:13am (15 years ago)
CeEpO88 says:

Im With Stuped^

Fri, Aug 30th at 05:43pm (15 years ago)
movrox says:

Me 2

Sun, Sep 1st at 09:39am (15 years ago)

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Created by DDD ArtiTecht
on August 28th, 2002


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