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Artist's Note

my favorite one ever. the tittle is from a tool song 'the patient' you might notice almost all my more recent tittles are indeed from tool songs. i don't know about the thing i pu tin the upper left, do you?

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Pretty nice but I'm not crazy about that white line across the middle. Nice render though.

Sun, Aug 25th at 06:16pm (15 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

and by tittle i don't mean the little thing above the 'i' but infact title. also this may or be my last one for a while. stupid school is going to stupid start. and i am supposed to do well this year, for stupid college.

Sun, Aug 25th at 12:17am (15 years ago)

"Calling Dr. Love" this design is like an "undertow" in a "flood" of "sober" goodness. You are at the top of your game as opposed to the "bottom" its like a "reflection" of a pleasing "disposition"...."you lied" though, youre like a "hooker with a penis" do not have "intolerance" of "prison sex", i give it a 95 "jerk off". Now "hush" as i "crawl away" yeah im a dork...but cmon its like madlibs only i used all tool songs...

Sun, Aug 25th at 12:21am (15 years ago)
fatcrab says:

Was going to be a 95, but then you corrected the title thing...so you get a point. I like it, it's a nice color change, the white bar across the middle is a bit bright though.

Sun, Aug 25th at 12:22am (15 years ago)
desolate says:

I hate you.......you really should wait it out because its crap now but maybe if you wait 15 minutes it will be the new "in" thing, but right now I hate it , because i hate you, but if i wait it out maybe youll be the new in person and ill like you, but im not gonna wait it out because i hate you.... o yeah..... and emmas a dork....

Sun, Aug 25th at 12:34am (15 years ago)
msesc says:

brightness line is brilliant and i love it all, has it seen my office floor yet? - my tool contribution is as follows = "push it" to the max man, this is like a fucking orgasmic "aenema" (ewww), and i want to suck the blood of this digital greatness like the many "ticks and leaches" that i "h"ave never seen.

Sun, Aug 25th at 01:24am (15 years ago)

i like the beam of light in the midddle heh kinda reminds me of a reflection of a car or something

Sun, Aug 25th at 01:29am (15 years ago)

sweet...I usually dont use these types of walls, but Im d/l this and I might just have to use it

Sun, Aug 25th at 03:01am (15 years ago)
newmodel says:

nice and smooth lines gj.

Sun, Aug 25th at 08:29am (15 years ago)
ckyfish says:

plain and to the point, i like it

Sun, Aug 25th at 09:29am (15 years ago)

nice, very

Sun, Aug 25th at 10:43am (15 years ago)
whody says:

plain.. and to the point is correct.. but i don't like the point it gets to

Sun, Aug 25th at 12:26pm (15 years ago)

...this tedious path I've chosen here...

Sun, Aug 25th at 12:46pm (15 years ago)

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Created by SirWonkus
on August 25th, 2002


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