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hope u enjoy

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Stock Image = Apply Threshold. Its a nice cool design, but its just not enough to do something so easy and slap some text on it.

Wed, Jul 31st at 04:09am (15 years ago)
burble says:

obviously filtered and very low quality. if you had stippled it by hand or such, i would give you an A for effort becuase that does take talent.

Wed, Jul 31st at 12:52am (15 years ago)
cReaminal says:

i just dont get it :(

Wed, Jul 31st at 10:14am (15 years ago)
msesc says:

i like the idea, but the final product needs some work - more detail and black and white, or less detail but w/ original color...just ideas

Wed, Jul 31st at 10:19am (15 years ago)

bah - i like it. Do enough??? why mess with something u already like? if i was making it for approval it would be a pointless excercise as it would not be what i wanted!

Wed, Jul 31st at 10:26am (15 years ago)

try making it higher quality and a larger size next time

Wed, Jul 31st at 10:42am (15 years ago)

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Created by alexmissen
on July 30th, 2002


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