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Artist's Note

I've been bored these pass few days since I have no class and I have been off of work this week. So, a continuation to add to my portfolio. And since I was bored today ..... Minimalistic wallpaper. Photo manipulation with multiple texture rendering. Influences from Print Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine, and Floodgear. I like the yellow/brown tones. =) Its different. 150 dpi resolution for personal print production. Peace.

Comments (10)


good minimalism. The design is exquisite and its as usable as can be. The colors are interesting, and not too bad for use, but this gets boring to look at after a while, as it kinda lacks depth. The manip is good too btw

Thu, May 23rd at 06:48am (15 years ago)
wraybling says:

something different, i like it. nice photo and really good choice of colours.

Wed, May 22nd at 10:41pm (15 years ago)

kind of an interesting comp, i'd almost like it better w/out the photo, and more play with the text and those darker hued shapes.... like if the the field where the photo was was just a large block of that darker greenish brown, with some other basic design work inside it........

Thu, May 23rd at 08:49am (15 years ago)

me thinks it's too bright

Thu, May 23rd at 08:53am (15 years ago)
ekzibit says:

my opinion would be in the same category as c72s.
i wouldhave definately liked to see some simple dark-green hue design.
nice stuff, props on the border.

Thu, May 23rd at 09:41am (15 years ago)
CrazySexy says:

I don't like the background...it's too
the photo it cool though.....the colours are ok too:)

Thu, May 23rd at 11:55am (15 years ago)
chip1270 says:

so CLOSE! Its a brilliant idea, but the background seems just a tiny shade off, and I don't like "somewhat of a paradox"

Thu, May 23rd at 04:38pm (15 years ago)
Azmyth says:

Looks great.. Nice color choice, its very soothing and relaxing. The field looks great too, it has a style to it that looks almost as if it were hand drawn/colored and then blurred in photoshop. Its my new wallpaper. Thanks Rkenshin. ;)

Thu, May 23rd at 06:40pm (15 years ago)

a good new approach, seems simple but very effective...overall a good interesting piece in some mysterious way...nice different idea and good work.

Fri, May 24th at 03:17pm (15 years ago)
Fenris says:

its both coffeehouse and bohemian at the same time. i love your choice of colors and the picture reminds me of home. a great wall one of my favs! =)

Fri, Aug 16th at 12:11am (15 years ago)

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Created by rkenshin
on May 22nd, 2002


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