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Artist's Note

This took a while to put together, but i was quite happy with the end result, seems so full of energy...all helpfull criticism welcome, Hope u all like it..

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Great stuff dude. I love the senter and the eage at the top, but the bottom edge needs something more. Would have been better had it been original

Wed, May 15th at 09:29pm (15 years ago)
chip1270 says:

very cool. the parts at the top and the bottom corners don't look as good as the rest though.

Wed, May 15th at 04:07pm (15 years ago)

what chip said... center is great, the sides are so-so.

Wed, May 15th at 04:12pm (15 years ago)
ia says:

i like the symetry, and the detail in the center. looks slightly too bright in places. good though...

Wed, May 15th at 05:43pm (15 years ago)
bo0 says:

looks good.. but relies too much on the symmetry.. add some more elements and ? i don't know.. ;p

Wed, May 15th at 08:12pm (15 years ago)
lambs says:

I normally don't mind text too much, but it's just in a weird position...

Wed, May 15th at 08:30pm (15 years ago)
klunk987 says:

great work but a higher res please 1280*1024

Wed, May 15th at 10:09pm (15 years ago)
n20 says:

now dat is some pretty cookies. hella ill symmetrical shit going on

Wed, May 15th at 11:20pm (15 years ago)

very nice, i like it....

Thu, May 16th at 12:32am (15 years ago)
Omitron says:

sweet render..or whatever it is.. it looks like glass / water / plastic- really nice work.

Thu, May 16th at 09:54am (15 years ago)
5PaYsf0rM says:

lub it.

Sat, May 17th at 12:34am (14 years ago)

awesomeness....its been what iv been looking for, for some time now. A little bright though

Sat, Jun 5th at 09:10pm (13 years ago)


Fri, Jul 30th at 12:44am (13 years ago)
pynipple says:

just very nice all around

Fri, Nov 11th at 01:41pm (12 years ago)

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Created by MatrixMasters
on May 15th, 2002


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