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Wallpapers / The Wind and Rain Bridge

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Artist's Note

I think you guys don't have any Chinese thing right? :P this is a wallpaper made with a photo I took during the trip to GuiZhou last Xmas~ Hope you like it~

PS :: the calligraphy is mine too!~ my writing I mean!~ :D

Comments (10)


it's pretty good, but i wish the calligraphy and photo would integrate a little better

Wed, Mar 27th at 04:51pm (15 years ago)
sport865 says:

Professional, Original, Creative. Only criticism is the "Ghizhou" text integration.

Wed, Mar 27th at 12:20pm (15 years ago)
Div Zero says:

oriental flav is back baby! (pinky: you know brain, calligraphy isn't just for duvet covers any more!)

Wed, Mar 27th at 12:47pm (15 years ago)
Capsyl says:

its not very customized

Wed, Mar 27th at 01:00pm (15 years ago)

i think it's kinda nice... finally something creative... very nice pic too

Wed, Mar 27th at 01:11pm (15 years ago)

Cool! "GuiZhou" doesn't really need to be there. It might be nice if the photo continued on past the (very nice) calligraphy instead of fading to white. The colours really work for me. Serene.

Wed, Mar 27th at 06:39pm (15 years ago)

very nice

Wed, Mar 27th at 08:13pm (15 years ago)
ether says:

that's some nice stuff...calligraphy and otherwise.

Wed, Mar 27th at 08:31pm (15 years ago)
Xuff says:

Exceptional work.

Wed, Mar 27th at 10:48pm (15 years ago)

now, THIS is art!!.. :)

Thu, Mar 28th at 12:13pm (15 years ago)

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Created by NightAngel
on March 27th, 2002


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