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Wallpapers / Red Floor

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Artist's Note

It kinda looks like a stone floor.

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5 sec..tops in Photoshop man...just too easy

Wed, Mar 6th at 04:31pm (15 years ago)
Sygnon says:

hell, you could do that in ms paint cant you? sure it looks like a stone floor, but it looks like you spent 10 seconds on this.

Wed, Mar 6th at 08:08pm (15 years ago)
phil697 says:

Well, that's the whole point, it looks cool with little effort. We aren't a bunch of art critics here....or maybe we are.

Wed, Mar 6th at 08:48pm (15 years ago)

the highest rating i have ever given... it sucks ass as a wallpaper BUTT its cool as a texture for a floor.. and that how im gonna use it

Wed, Mar 6th at 11:34pm (15 years ago)
sunfire17 says:

very annoying, very quickly

Thu, Mar 7th at 12:39am (15 years ago)
ether says:

everyone's an art critic. heh. :) it doesn't look cool to most everyone here because most everyone here has used that filter. so we're not immediately gaga over this. we don't hate you though (at least i don't haha), so practice, make more stuff, and post 'em yieah. :)

Thu, Mar 7th at 01:25am (15 years ago)

1 as a wall, maybe a 80 as a floor texture. but this is a wallpaper section so....

Thu, Mar 7th at 05:22pm (15 years ago)
Vimana says:

look at me I can use the Stained Glass button in Photoshop!

Mon, Apr 29th at 06:03am (15 years ago)

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Created by phil697
on March 6th, 2002


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