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Artist's Note

i expanded the "cell shading"-technique i used and i'm trying to create some kinds of new styles. i don't know when i'm finished but i even like the intermediate stages like this piece. enjoy!

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Its very nice. chaotic yet cool. nicely done, can't wait till the final one is released.

Mon, Mar 4th at 11:08pm (15 years ago)
ether says:

won't rate a work in progress...but this a beautiful thing nonetheless!

Mon, Mar 4th at 01:21pm (15 years ago)
viet1098 says:

very nice, maybe you should try diff. color scheme.but overall i like it

Mon, Mar 4th at 01:41pm (15 years ago)

i like it how it is.... but il use whatever u get when yer done too...

Mon, Mar 4th at 03:24pm (15 years ago)
zerohq says:

complex yes...looking great so far..keep up the good work =D

Mon, Mar 4th at 05:18pm (15 years ago)
liqachu says:

its okay, but i hope in the final release its gonna b a little more of a drastic alteration than what looks to b just a plastic wrap. hehe

Mon, Mar 4th at 06:11pm (15 years ago)

tight. would be dope if you had a .zip of the same pic in a bunch of different color schemes. good luck.

Mon, Mar 4th at 06:33pm (15 years ago)
dwal says:

lol parasic, u got wp's commin' out the ying yang :D:D
another great piece

Mon, Mar 4th at 07:04pm (15 years ago)
DrGamez says:

Man I love this one... I have it on right now... Sweet

Mon, Mar 4th at 10:42pm (15 years ago)
ekzibit says:

get some white in there buddy. excellent work.

Tue, Mar 5th at 10:09am (15 years ago)
Deleted-X says:

more white, less grey. I can see how this could start a new trend.

Tue, Mar 5th at 02:13pm (15 years ago)

I really really really like this style.

Tue, Mar 5th at 05:04pm (15 years ago)
Oppy says:

I heart cel-shading. I heart this backround

Sat, Sep 14th at 11:12pm (15 years ago)

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Created by parasic
on March 4th, 2002


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