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First wallpaper ever done. Made only with Photoshop. I'd like to recive a lot of suggestions in order to improve mysefl :) Hope you like it!
Sorry 4 the strange resolution... i found that was @ 1200x900 instead of 1280x960 only when finished =\



This isn't half bad. Probably one of the better "universe" wallpapers I have seen. The subtle use of your text and it's opacity adds a nice touch. However, I think the white, hazy line needs to go and the lines that border the piece itself need to be changed somehow. Pretty nice for a first wallpaper though. Keep it up! =)

Tue, Jan 15th at 06:28pm (15 years ago)
FoUBraC says:

Very Nice! I Like the style "universe"

Tue, Jan 15th at 01:38pm (15 years ago)
ether says:

hey...quite nice. especially the orange nebula thingie on the right. only thing i'd change are the white lines bordering the black bars. a bit too bright and takes attention away from the center image.

Tue, Jan 15th at 02:07pm (15 years ago)

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Created by DarkUGO
on January 15th, 2002


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