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Artist's Note

Got tired of all the flashy designs going around (lousy excuse for not knowing how to make any on my own). So I desided to try and make my own wp. Havenīt made anything even near design for over a year. So just playing around I got this result. Hope I can find some energy to learn more and make more soon.
10 points if you can guees what it is.

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amazing for first try. let's hope you dont lose it after this high score ;). oh, and text is by far the worst integrated, almost redundant part

Sat, Dec 8th at 07:16pm (15 years ago)

The jaded boy strikes first.

Fri, Dec 7th at 08:53pm (15 years ago)
dieter67 says:

I like anything different...work the borders issue and resubmit..consider eliminating or reworking the text. psf

Sat, Dec 8th at 06:05am (15 years ago)

First wp I've seen today that I liked. Even if it is full of tiny 1s and 0s. Miriku's right, lose the text. It's not necessary for title of a wp to be written somewhere on it.

Sat, Dec 8th at 03:48pm (15 years ago)
Shax says:

Dirty, and not too distracting. Pretty nice, but not really my style..
"10 points if you can guees what it is.".. hmm.. is it a human face ? :P Amazing first try !

Sat, Dec 8th at 06:54pm (15 years ago)
5PaYsf0rM says:

I registered to this great site for only the simple reason that you needed to be told that this wallpaper HANDS DOWN has the best title ! good stuff.

Wed, Apr 30th at 02:30am (14 years ago)

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Created by a.pathetic
on December 7th, 2001


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