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Artist's Note

Organic Flavor is just another wallpaper. Some organic look and colored glows... I personally don't like this one! If you like it, enjoy!

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i love the composition, the execution came out unprofessional

Fri, Dec 7th at 05:40am (16 years ago)

Hey Francis! egoheights-been reading a lot of your reviews, talking a lot of garbage, aren't you? Giving a lot of ones or twos out? Calling people's work "bullshit" or "crap"?Go fuck yourself. Didn't hear me? I'll say it again. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Until you behave like a human you're not welcome here. Everytime you leave a brainless review here, I'll be telling you to go FUCK YOURSELF right afterwards. Now go leave a bunch of revenge reviews on my stuff, you little FUCK.---*ahem*----- egad, the text is not such a good colour...but the background is soothing.

Thu, Dec 6th at 11:33pm (16 years ago)
Xuff says:

I think there are too many colors, or they're in the wrong places. Try to balance it more.

Fri, Dec 7th at 01:43am (16 years ago)

You Know What? THIS IS BULL SH*T!

Fri, Dec 7th at 10:56am (16 years ago)

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Created by dared
on December 6th, 2001


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