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Artist's Note

MilkDrop is a sound reactive visualisation plug-in for the world renowned media player Winamp. It was created by Ryan Geiss who produced the ground breaking plug-in ‘Geiss’ many years ago which has been downloaded many millions of times.

MilkDrop is his latest ground breaking plug-in.

It uses 3D graphics hardware, combined with iterative image-based rendering techniques, to create a visual journey through sound.

It creates detailed graphical images seamlessly blending 3D effects into one another this is coupled with intelligent beat detection. Unlike many other visualisation plug-in you may have seen what really sets MilkDrop apart that it make the sound come alive.

It is fully configurable and you can create all your own separate presets and loads of VJ support and messaging display options.

Sadly screenshots and video clip don't really do it justice - I know it sounds clichéd but it really has to be “seen to be believed.”

You can tailor your own presets to make the visualtion do what you want.

Once installed download all the updates and presets from

Comments (12)


awesome. kudos goes to Ryan Geiss, not you.

Wed, Mar 13th at 07:23pm (15 years ago)
Sephiros says:

The first Visualisation plug-in I ever download, and ... how to say... it's perfect :) I won't give 100 in case I find better one :D

Tue, Mar 12th at 08:17pm (15 years ago)
Rovastar says:

Gald you like it.

rkenshin - I did not try and take credit for this plug-in that fully goes to Ryan. I do however assist in the devolpment of MD.

Anyway he is a lazy git and probably won't submit anyway.;)

there is a new beta version out well a prerelease. v1.03beta3 loads beter than the last version with loads of new stuff.

Get it at (also 1,800+ presets now)

Tue, Mar 12th at 09:07pm (15 years ago)
Koga says:

very neat. better than all those soo called plugins that say they follow music but its jut random things. this is very trippy :D

Wed, Mar 13th at 03:04pm (15 years ago)

THE best plugin I have EVER downloaded.

Wed, Apr 10th at 07:23pm (15 years ago)
Aspenth says:

You'll drool all over your keyboard! This man is a genius!!!

Sat, Apr 20th at 12:42am (15 years ago)
gizmokaka says:

throw on some pink floyd or anything for that matter an let this take take you on a badass ride....this is sweeet ! =>

Mon, May 20th at 02:16am (15 years ago)
angelruca says:

Ryan, free sex. Seriously, you deserve it for this. Visgasm...mmmmmmm

Sat, Sep 21st at 08:35pm (15 years ago)
EnvyZero says:

Everything everyone else said x 2 :D

Thu, Jun 26th at 12:34pm (14 years ago)
-blurred says:


Tue, Oct 14th at 08:25pm (14 years ago)

I've been using this visualization for quite some time, its really great. how do people create stuff like this? Its unbelievable how diverse this one is in its effects, reallly other worldly quality to it, beter than any other visualization i've used or seen.

Thu, Feb 2nd at 05:03pm (12 years ago)
redi-jedi says:

new version 1.05 beta6.1!! wrap/mirror for x/y axis, per pixel/rgb channel decay! see full change log and grab the newest beta at -Keep on milking in the free world!¿!

Wed, Feb 15th at 12:11pm (12 years ago)

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Created by Rovastar
on March 12th, 2002


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