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Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 11 years
Member since: July 16th, 2005
Occupation: network
Location: Paris, Brussels
Media Player: itunes

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I'm the bomb too by ultraman
it's a candybar mod, colors have been change in css to match rulermilk colors.
Posted 11 years ago.
Niqu by ultraman
Nylons=>it's a teddy beaver, not a teddy bear ;) csae=>yes, it needs work, that's why I won't release it and it's only for my personnal use. Good enou...
Posted 12 years ago.
Jewel by ultraman
And it's a mac...
Posted 12 years ago.
Milky White by 579
Thanx for using my status bubbles, but...where is the shadow ^^
Posted 12 years ago.
Crashed Goldfish by menageamoi
Really beautiful, original and fresh, thanx a lot
Posted 12 years ago.

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I'm the bomb too
11 years ago

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