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Artist's Note

Description: Cool! This is an important update for the first user-created skin for the Trillians! It features the elegant Watercolor Visual Style from Windows XP Beta 1.

Whistler 2.0 has a lot of improvements over 1.0! It's more like Whistler and more colorful. Also 0.635 features are added. Everything is complete... no missing logos

Standard Edition is very basic, it follows the Trillian default interface. It lets users familiar with Trillian, since it looks very much like normal Windows interface.

Compatibility: 0.635
Acknowledgements: Scott, Kevin - our brilliant developers, and Ibelite.com for providing old screenshots of MS Windows Whistler.

Comments (4)

Kid says:

mmm, how can i edit my descriptions...? :)

Wed, Sep 5th at 09:21pm (16 years ago)

u can't :(

Mon, Sep 17th at 10:28pm (16 years ago)
psynapse says:

umm .. this basically looks like the default trillian pro skin. sorry .. you lose 80 points for un-originalty :\

Sun, Jan 26th at 11:14pm (14 years ago)
Harbinger says:

I love it. Simplistic and using the default Trillian colors which I also like. What would it take to get you to do a WindowsBlind theme? :(

Fri, Dec 5th at 02:27pm (13 years ago)

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Created by Kid
on September 5th, 2001


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