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Name: Mr. Guy 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 1 year
Member since: June 6th, 2007
Last update: 1 year ago
Birthday: February 14th, 1989 (28 years old)


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1701 WIP (SUITE'07)
I can probably contribute somehow :)
Posted 10 years ago in SUITE'07.

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Futura Glacialis by thekuro
Less downloads and comments than I expected
Posted 10 years ago.
Light by snowcow
You havent changed a lot.
Posted 10 years ago.
Minimacus by thekuro
This was made with simplicity in mind, so please dont comment about it beeing too empty (although I might add something later) :P
Posted 10 years ago.

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Futura Glacialis
10 years ago

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Dark Flowers
10 years ago

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Albo' next move

Alright, well, Im sitting here planning the next Albo wallpaper/something, and I wanted to know, what do you think Bobby should do on the next wall?

Posted 10 years ago

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theconcept says:
Johnny Kage!
Fri 31st Aug, 11:53pm
motorist says:
Hellooo : )
Thu 28th Jun, 03:07pm