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Artist's Note

EOW (WAYG-II) for Talisman

Authors: Uktus and Aist
Homepage: http://uktus.nm.ru

Program version: Talisman Desktop 2.71 and higher

Screen resolution: 1024x768 and higher

This theme was initialy created as a red variation of the WAYG theme.
But during the work it was completely redesigned and received the new name: EOW. The theme has a lot of hidden forms and functions.
Used intro music by Hubert Kah (C'est la Vie , 1996)
Used "in the end of the world" wallpaper by unknown author. Wallpaper was downloaded from the one of skinners sites. Unfortunately I don't remember exact address. If you know the author of this wallpaper please contact me!

Comments (4)


the graphics are really slick but the theme design is lacking in functionality. i like it overall, though.

Sun, Aug 1st at 05:00am (13 years ago)

well i guess Talisman Desktop is amazing. i think i'll start using it now. this is very slick. as Imrik said "good graphics", solid composition. maybe a revision on the left-side icons and you'd have my 100.

Fri, Jul 23rd at 08:56am (13 years ago)
pahan says:

It is my favourite theme. I love the music also!

Sat, Jul 24th at 06:28am (13 years ago)
Same1 says:

i love this one....i'm no talisman user but where i started with the whole shit ... i started with talisman and with your skin.... i loved it ...it would be cool if it would give a suite for it...:D

Wed, Dec 8th at 02:38pm (13 years ago)

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Created by uktus
and aist
on July 22nd, 2004


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