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Artist's Note

This is my first skin attempt so comments are welcome.

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Sorry, have to disagree with all of yous. Really nice work for a first try. Purple is very smooth, making it attractive. Does need different shape though. Also jagged edges draw from the attractiveness of the work.

SOOPRcow says:

Not just does not do it for me... I like purple when used right but you used it wrong

DoorinD says:

impressive for a first try, needs more original buttons, but good job.

Jank says:

First skin? Excellent work! The purple looks nice on my desktop, and I prefer darker colors. The only things I see wrong with it are the mildly jagged edges and the fact that the default shape is used. Get (more) creative with it!


Good job but have you checked out Pordeys skins?


why such bad ratings? i think it looks cool

zMan says:

I like to thanks all you for rating my work. Please post your honest opions and suggestions rather then a rude ones. We are all here to give each others second opions and by that we all can better our work. I just want to point that out. Thanks again for all your comments. It helps me a great deal in skinning area.

BADAS says:

I thought I wouldn't like purple, but I like it. Overall body could be smoothed out. Hope you update it. Great Job.

Morpheus says:

This definately deserves higher marks than soylent green, and it loooks waaay better than the default skin for sonique too, I like the colors, I like the texture too, the only thing I don't like is the fact that it's the same shape as the original.

ChakLam says:

the idea of making a skin is so that it looks better than the default skin. this is absolutely not a good example.

ArcanA says:


Sublime says:

how the hell did this get a worse rating then soylent green. This shows a lot of work and soylent green was just a color change, this is better than a 45. Anyone else agree?

idea says:

Great first attempt.. try to clean up the edges a bit and maybe go for something a bit more subtle next time. =)

ChrisG says:

I agree - nice job for a first skin. I kinda like the purple actually. I'm not fond of the filesize of Sonique skins though...

Grug1999 says:

pretty good for a first go.

BlueMikey says:

Yeah, I hafta agree on that one, the purple is a *bit* much...

N.G.E. says:

Nice skin, but too monotonous, and the colors become "disturbing" after a while.

Mr. Burns says:

First skin? Great job!


needs some work

Fri, Aug 29th at 01:43am (14 years ago)

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Created by zMan
on June 3rd, 1999


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