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ShellWM Themes / Glacier Aqua

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Artist's Note

just filling the library. no skills involved here, kind of a rant skin. :)

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The aqua look is always a good way to go, nice job with this one.

Tue, May 6th at 05:09pm (12 years ago)
hadda says:

very nice stuff, guy!

Sat, Jun 21st at 12:41pm (12 years ago)
psynapse says:

interesting idea putting the aqua buttons on the left. nicely done moshi :)

Tue, Nov 18th at 03:44am (12 years ago)
vic106 says:

I have tried to install the fond but I only get images….can sum buddy please help???

Mon, Nov 13th at 02:26pm (9 years ago)
macfan13 says:

how do i work this

Wed, Nov 22nd at 12:21pm (9 years ago)
calibeats says:

like dude said before me how do i use this i only got images....help somebody

Sat, Dec 9th at 09:23pm (8 years ago)
amr9000 says:

same here..how do you install it? I really would like the buttons on the left and you're the only one with that option..Please help

Mon, Jan 28th at 10:37pm (7 years ago)

Hi, I've just downloaded ShellWM Themes / Glacier Aqua theme.. can someone pls tell me how to install it??

Sat, Mar 15th at 09:47pm (7 years ago)
Dagalur says:

help plz same thing as these guys. only get the images

Sat, Apr 5th at 08:29pm (7 years ago)
botlin says:

I could use some help here also...

Mon, Apr 14th at 02:16pm (7 years ago)

he i feel like a tard adding to this already long list, but how does one install this?

Wed, Jun 18th at 12:14am (7 years ago)
buccaneer says:

You need a software called ShellWM. You can download it according to your windows like if you are using a 32-bit windows or 64-bit.

Once downloaded then install it and copy this skin in the skin's folder of ShellWM directory.

Start ShellWM then you can see all the skins available in that programme including this one that you added yourself. Just Load the skin from there and there you go.

Hope that would help.

Thu, Jun 26th at 08:50am (7 years ago)
HondaGSX says:

Now I must be an Idiot! I am having trouble with laoding up this version. First of all, how do you download the software "ShellWM?"

Sat, Jul 5th at 09:45pm (7 years ago)

hi how dow you install this ive asked around if anyone knows how to send a email to thank you!

Sun, Apr 12th at 05:15pm (6 years ago)
agentj7 says:

There you go, for all of you... Even I was wondering, from where I can download. It works cool. Though, I didn't like it... It was not satisfying for me...

Thu, Jul 2nd at 06:46pm (6 years ago)
Schorch says:

How do you use this all I got is pics dude

Wed, Oct 21st at 09:36am (6 years ago)

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Created by moshi
on May 6th, 2003

24319 This work is a modification of Glacier by moshi.


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