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its all desktopX loving baby.

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gates is sending you the check as we speak

Tue, Nov 20th at 03:22am (16 years ago)
rkenshin says:

ew. thank god windows doesn't look like that.

Mon, Nov 19th at 09:03pm (16 years ago)
OddFox says:

I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with miriku and rkenshin.

Mon, Nov 19th at 09:32pm (16 years ago)
lonenikon says:

fuck, thats all i have to say. fuck.

Mon, Nov 19th at 11:05pm (16 years ago)
downgrade says:

tell me this isn't real. tell me no real human made this.

if they did... why are they wasting their skills on m$?

Tue, Nov 20th at 12:41am (16 years ago)
przbubba says:


Tue, Nov 20th at 12:49am (16 years ago)
BNM says:

Windows For Kiddies?

Tue, Nov 20th at 02:27am (16 years ago)
PuyoDead says:

Ugh...what is this? "My DesktopX"? This is pretty much everything I hate about Windows balled up into one thing. I'm surprised there isn't a "Register this theme for only $49.95!" button.

Tue, Nov 20th at 03:44am (16 years ago)
Astral says:

I can't believe you can handle that onslaught of a poor color scheme, oversized everything, and the ever-present MS logo. Its way too cramped for any practical use.

Tue, Nov 20th at 05:26am (16 years ago)
optik808 says:

I would hate to see what he would do with the already semi-candy looking interface of my Mac. Stay away from my GUI Cype. Is this an interface for Ralph Wiggums? (sp)

Tue, Nov 20th at 05:51am (16 years ago)
Cype says:

i hope all of you know this is a joke! m$ ownz m33h

Tue, Nov 20th at 09:25am (16 years ago)
results says:

this is so incrediby! bad it makes me not want to use a computer ever again.

Tue, Nov 20th at 02:30pm (16 years ago)
panix says:

big, ugly.

Thu, Nov 22nd at 12:15am (16 years ago)

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Created by Cype
on November 19th, 2001


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