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Artist's Note

Using a Whistler Theme i downloaded for my XP Professional setup. Icons i've converted by hand from OS X formats and the audioplayer in the background is Quintissential 3.0

notice the semi-transparent folder icon that's on the desktop and Explorer windows :) i think my favorite is the Brooklyn Lager beer-cap icon i found online...

god i love that drink. comments welcome.

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fantastic qcd skin mind you

Tue, Nov 20th at 06:35pm (16 years ago)
dave1980 says:

actually, most of the icons i converted from Iconfactory and XIcons, websites that create awesome new icons for OS X. the great part is that i edited these icons by hand to include 64x64, 48x48 (what you're seeing them at) and 32x32. the only problem is that once you get lower than 48 pixels, the icons lose alot of their characteristics. i'm going to post up most of these converted icions soon :)

Fri, Nov 16th at 11:13pm (16 years ago)
Astral says:

Personally, I love OSX icons, and would love to get my hands on some nice alpha-blended ones (especially that transparent one in a 32x32 res. :D). One question though, was the conversion done directly from OSX? If so, be warned that Apple has disassociated itself from the skinners/modders community, not that they were ever in it, but they are notorious for "Cease and desist" letters when someone emulates their style. So your work could be around for a long time, or not very long at all if they find out about it. :) Until then, gimme teh icons!

Fri, Nov 16th at 11:26pm (16 years ago)

Hi, i like the theme, but where did you download it, and what program did you use?

Sat, Nov 17th at 04:40am (16 years ago)
shinter says:

with what did you change the A: and CD rom icons with? .. my xp wont alow me to do so.

Sat, Nov 17th at 11:19am (16 years ago)

Love the icons, any chance you could release a set?

Sat, Nov 17th at 06:12pm (16 years ago)

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Created by dave1980
on November 16th, 2001


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