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Nice! Is there an available download for this skin? I can't seem to find it :(

Wed, Sep 12th at 07:20pm (1 year ago)
royaks01 says:

nice! i want this

Thu, Sep 13th at 10:27am (1 year ago)

I used Omnimo, Enigma, for the date and time I used Fade by Freak Quency 85, Rocketdock and the icons in the dock are Ecqlipse 2. Most of the items can be found in Customize.org or Deviantart.com, icons are in Deviantart. Thank you for the comments and i really look forward to doing more visual tricks to the desktop or laptop. Peace 1 love and smile for the day it works 1.

Thu, Sep 13th at 07:36pm (1 year ago)


Sat, Sep 15th at 09:48am (1 year ago)
duuuwh says:

nice nice nice

Sat, Sep 15th at 02:10pm (1 year ago)

Can you make a tutorial on YouTube?
I can't make it the same....

Thu, Sep 20th at 04:19am (1 year ago)
rg says:

he how do u made it plz snd me d link bro !!
m waiting :)

Tue, Oct 2nd at 07:48am (1 year ago)
rg says:

seriously best effect i've seen ..

Tue, Oct 2nd at 07:48am (1 year ago)
rg says:

yr plzz make a tutorial on youtube n plz give link of that :)

Tue, Oct 2nd at 07:50am (1 year ago)

this is going to sound crazy but i dont even know where to begin to start making a video, but i will try.

Tue, Oct 2nd at 10:30am (1 year ago)
bibhu007 says:


Sun, Oct 21st at 10:02pm (1 year ago)

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Created by soulkiss1234
on September 9th, 2012


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