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Artist's Note

My first desktop after discovering Rainmeter and rainlendar. I can't believe my desktop background used to be so plain before this.

Screenshot Ingredients

Comments (8)

Wolfcry says:

nice work
if display stat line will be more beautiful
wall link

Thu, Nov 24th at 07:44pm (6 years ago)

Thanks for your comment and suggestion.

Sat, Nov 26th at 01:01am (6 years ago)
picpoint says:


Mon, Dec 5th at 12:59am (6 years ago)
picpoint says:

Hey bro! This is amazing, really, but excuse my ignorance how do i download your job?

Mon, Dec 5th at 01:22am (6 years ago)

como posso fazer download?

Tue, Dec 6th at 04:08pm (6 years ago)

Good job man

Fri, Dec 9th at 02:40am (6 years ago)

Thanks! To get this as your desktop, you'll need to download the wallpaper which I posted up there ^^. If you highlight each part of the screenshot, a box will show up. Download each of those ingredients after you download rainmeter and rainlendar. Hopefully that makes sense.

Fri, Dec 9th at 07:18am (6 years ago)
romanrofi says:

quite nice.

Fri, Dec 9th at 08:05am (6 years ago)

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Created by okiedokums
on November 23rd, 2011

69654 This work is a modification of Pie R Round by kriogen777.


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