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Screenshots / Rainy day in Baguio

Artist's Note

Rainy day in Baguio City

Wall link:

Screenshot Ingredients

  • Elementary by Flying Hyrax
  • Pragmatic3.0 by Utkarsh
  • iPhone CLock by fediaFedia
  • Omnimo 3 by Xyrfo and fediaFedia
  • Enigma by Kaelri
  • CAD
  • RocketDock - icons by me
  • SimpleMeter V2.0 by Chewtoy

Comments (19)

C1utch says:

what's the weather skin called?

Sun, Nov 6th at 02:20pm (6 years ago)

@C1utch: The weather skin is Elementary and a combination with An Omnimo 3 weather skin as well...

@canuckken: Thanks. wow, yes it is.. it is in Baguio and its where i'm in right now... :) So where're u from?

Mon, Nov 7th at 03:36am (6 years ago)

Ingat ka din.. :)

Mon, Nov 7th at 06:43am (6 years ago)
aldyy96 says:

How to Download here?
Cara Downloadnya bagaimana sih??

Mon, Nov 7th at 08:25pm (6 years ago)

@ canuckken: Ahh is that so.. :) Thats awesome.. :) So she's still here in the Phils..? Good luck with the visa... :)

@ aldyy96: What do u wanna download?

Tue, Nov 8th at 02:31am (6 years ago)

Yeah... :)
I just included the ingredients...;)

Sat, Nov 12th at 05:51pm (6 years ago)

excuse, can i know where can i download this one?

Sat, Nov 12th at 05:59pm (6 years ago)
Reaper333 says:

Is there any way to download all of this stuff? :)

Mon, Nov 14th at 06:40pm (6 years ago)
OhMyTofu says:

Doode very nicely laid out, totally diggin' it! I gotta ask though, what font did you use for Flying Hyrax's weather widget? I can't find it anywhere!

Mon, Nov 14th at 10:29pm (6 years ago)

Thanx... These are the two fonts that were used...

font1=Bauhaus Lt BT
font2=Futurist Fixed-Width

Tue, Nov 15th at 06:30am (6 years ago)
OhMyTofu says:

Thanks for the fast reply! That's strange, I applied, installed the font and refreshed the skin but it's not changing! Ugh would you happen to be able to send me your .txt or a screenshot of your .txt of how you typed it? I'm not sure what's wrong :[

Wed, Nov 16th at 12:20am (6 years ago)

... if thats the case... after installing the fonts, try to verify if its really there. Open microsoft office then try to find the font in there. if its there and still not showing in the rainmeter skin, try to restart your pc. To change or modify the elementery fonts head over to the skin folder then edit the "Variables". open it with any text editor you have.
Wed, Nov 16th at 11:43pm (1 second ago)

Wed, Nov 16th at 11:45pm (6 years ago)
McGerson says:

Really nice job dude!!

Fri, Nov 18th at 11:15pm (6 years ago)

Please upload folder with Elementary skin anywhere and give a link on it:)

Sat, Nov 19th at 03:44am (6 years ago)

thugz_N_ashes can you upload your rocketdock icons, i really like it :)

Sat, Nov 19th at 09:27pm (6 years ago)
codigital says:

how to install them?

Fri, Nov 25th at 09:21am (6 years ago)

Thank you all guys...
@ codigital: For the rainmeter skins, ofcourse you'll gonna need to install first the rainmeter b4 using the skins... here's the link to the download page:
for those who are asking for uploads, canuckken is right... for the links just google it, just type the skin name and it'll come up.. its not even hard. lol

Fri, Nov 25th at 09:23pm (6 years ago)
rudley says:


Mon, Dec 12th at 07:22am (6 years ago)
bangetski says:

bro any download link ? :(

Sun, Jan 22nd at 03:04am (6 years ago)

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