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i figured i would post my desk. people are always hateing on 800 x 600 i'm just traped in it till i get my new sony digital studio vaio with a 19 Fd display in a month.(i can't wait) but for now i make the best of 800x600..comments welcome

the wall is from the magna carta seris. i have like 20 other walls like this you can find the zip at wincustomize. forgot where so good luck

Comments (6)


good utilization of little resources - miri

Sun, Oct 28th at 03:11am (16 years ago)
Dogbert says:


Sat, Oct 27th at 09:24pm (16 years ago)
ninju says:

Did you contruct that drawing yourself?

Lets Rock!

Sat, Oct 27th at 09:37pm (16 years ago)
danczar says:

....winme..........winME??? WIN ME!?!?!!

Sat, Oct 27th at 10:12pm (16 years ago)
lonenikon says:

wonderful background

Sun, Oct 28th at 01:27am (16 years ago)
cyrilic says:

what winamp skin is that ??
where can i get it ?

Sun, Oct 28th at 07:43pm (16 years ago)

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Created by Heart-Tripper
on October 27th, 2001


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