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Just playing around...

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Sorry, can't help u there.
Love the way the shapes break out of their borders. Very relaxing to look at.

Thu, Oct 11th at 03:31am (16 years ago)
FnaD says:

Transperizer can do windows that you have open frequently. It can't, however, do the startmenu (I don't think).
What are you using to make your taskbar transparent? And what are you using for the funky right-click menus?

Thu, Oct 11th at 05:42am (16 years ago)
ToY says:

window FX can make every window transparent.
T-CLock can make the taskbar transparent.
where did u get the icons?

Thu, Oct 11th at 05:48am (16 years ago)
itirep says:

yeah windowfx from stardock is definitely the best for making transparancies.you can exclude certain programs,customize 3d shadows,all sorts of stuff.

Thu, Oct 11th at 09:38am (16 years ago)
Requiem5 says:

What player is that ??

Thu, Oct 11th at 12:14pm (16 years ago)

hmm nice, using my Trillian skin :D Adds a wonderful touch *grin* to your already awesome desktop :)

Thu, Oct 11th at 08:28pm (16 years ago)

i believe the player is k-jofol. i'm guessing you used windowblinds for the taskbar, not t-clock?

Thu, Oct 11th at 10:51pm (16 years ago)
Div Zero says:

the tactical thingy reemind me of Giger stuff...

Fri, Oct 12th at 04:09am (16 years ago)

my oh my. explorer.exe at its finest. where did you get that wallpaper? :) impeccable arrangement and combination, the longest branch/arm/root that spans across the wp adds a lot to the desktop, and makes it look menacing. cubes, metallic kjofol, trillian, organic ingredient... all come together nicely, which creates a coherent feel.

Fri, Oct 12th at 10:28am (16 years ago)

wer kan u get da wallpapa n' shit???

Fri, Oct 12th at 10:47am (16 years ago)
abhicool says:

This looks outta this world!!
What software have you used ?

Sat, Oct 13th at 01:09am (16 years ago)
silent 0p says:

Very nice job! :)~ A good transperancy for the taskbar and start menu would be PainKiller by MadDog. You can change color transparency icons and also use bitmaps instead of icons. It has a very nice and easy to use interface and you can animate your start menu as well, Open it a cirtain way ect....you can find it at Virtual Plastic in the menu replacement section......and I to would like that wallpaper so either email me or let me know here. Thanks for sharing!!

Sat, Oct 13th at 04:11pm (16 years ago)
Cype says:

this is a cool screenshot i dig the wallpaper a lot, and everything else, the colors match... good stuff.

Sat, Oct 13th at 09:03pm (16 years ago)
jetROCK says:

i love pedro the lion.

Sun, Oct 14th at 04:26am (16 years ago)

where can i get that wp? :)

Mon, Oct 15th at 09:10am (16 years ago)

this an awesome screenshot - Very pretty. The name of the wb skin I think is Slim_T2 by (TasT).

Mon, Oct 15th at 01:11pm (16 years ago)
BlackIce says:

That's one of my favourite wallpapers ever, the_media by fearfactor...I lub it

Tue, Oct 16th at 05:36pm (16 years ago)

whoa nice nice loven it to death

Wed, Oct 17th at 12:07am (16 years ago)
david101 says:

what's the name of the windowblinds skin used here and by whom?

very nice indeed.

Wed, Oct 17th at 08:14am (16 years ago)
cazzanova says:

really nice shot, so clean and well balanced!

Fri, Oct 19th at 03:46am (16 years ago)
fedrlpunk says:

Is there like a custo hall of fame, cause out of all the shots on here, ive never seen one with that many downloads... keep commenting please and if you absolutely have to know what everything is, just IM me...

Wed, Oct 24th at 12:26am (16 years ago)

great screenshot! where can i get the wallpaper, skinz and iconz?

Mon, Nov 19th at 07:31pm (16 years ago)
penaduny says:

i made a theme for xp thats similar to this

Tue, Jan 1st at 07:33pm (15 years ago)

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Created by fedrlpunk
on October 11th, 2001


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