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Screenshots / Black, White -n- Blue "Now with Litestep!"

Artist's Note

Still working on this one; it looks good so far. I tried to make it look exactly like the last screen-shot for the first version but with this amazing shell replacement software on top.

Version 2:

- Supposed to look like one of the "Black White -n- Blue" screen-shots (7th)

- I Blame dial-up for wednesday's forecast showing up twice on the Accuweather skin. It was close to twelve and dial-up is notoriously slow, so in that first hour "Today+3 = Today+4". :\

- Made some blue buttons for the clipboard managing gadget so it matches.

- Installed Rocket-dock and placed my library and system icons on it.

- That Now-playing gadget has a lot of different skins!

- The picture in the Windows slide-show is my log-on screen
(Tweaks.com Logon Changer for Windows 7)

- Lite-step theme : Trim by Sean Lum

Coming soon: Version Three, an homage to that red and black one. It shows promise!

Screenshot Ingredients


suxx3k says:

wallpaper plz? :)

Mon, Aug 9th at 04:18pm (7 years ago)
jetman63 says:


Mon, Aug 8th at 07:49pm (6 years ago)

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Created by wljay87
on January 26th, 2010


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