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Screenshots / Black, White -n- Blue (Or Red!)

Artist's Note

This is Mostly made up of the enigma suite, as well as Blue Dream, SUPERCOLLOSAL, Xtremeapplauncher, and two copies of the Visions Plus AccuWeather app.
The red/Black version (older with the original taskbar) has an Electric Space skin as well as a smaller, older version of the Accuweather skin duo. I found the wallpaper from a site that i can't remember the name of. The fourth version, which is slightly newer but not current, has a win-amp visualization playing in the background. This is my first upload since learning of this amazing program! :D I'm Still changing it little by little just like the other theme I've uploaded. The last picture is the most current.

Colors used:
- Light Electric Blue: 105,255,255,255
- Plain red: 255,0,0,255
- Maya Blue: 115,194,251,210

Screenshot Ingredients


wljay87 says:

Forgot to mention the source of the clock on the other two. Here it is : . Copy or click.

Fri, Jan 15th at 07:57pm (7 years ago)

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Created by wljay87
on January 15th, 2010


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