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Screenshots / Translucent Interface

Artist's Note

This theme uses:
* xpaintclass
* xlabel
* xtaskbar
* xpopup
* xtray
* xdesk
* xstatsclass
* dynamp
* lslua

The taskbar on the left monitor is actually two taskbars; one for the 32px icons and another for the arrow indicator below it. The text on the top is actually the tooltip for whichever task the mouse is hovering over. Likewise, the text in the top left corner is the tooltip for the currently hovered upon tray icon. The album art is part of a lua script tnl wrote that parses .png album art. I'm currently working with .alur's new AlbumArt module to be able to display regular .jpg album art and avoid the hassle of running scripts to convert .jpg>.png.

The rest of the theme is black labels with TextureAlphaTransparency applied liberally throughout. Fonts are Futura, Segoe UI Caps, Bitstream Vera sans Mono, Webdings, and Swis721.

Screenshot Ingredients

  • litestep /
    Bar Interface by Brian Connolly
  • foobar2000 /
    Azrael mod by Neksus - I just changed the colors and font
  • icons /
    unknown by Imrik
  • wallpaper /
    DHouse by Mandolux - www.mandolux.com
  • visual style /
    Dumbass v5 by Dumbass Jones


borol says:

Very nice desktop..where i can download the ls theme?

Tue, Dec 29th at 05:50pm (8 years ago)
moshi says:

nice. fonts look great.

Thu, Dec 31st at 06:45pm (8 years ago)
erik199 says:

Excuse me....How can I download it ?

Tue, Oct 8th at 12:26pm (4 years ago)

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Created by mojomonkee
on December 29th, 2009


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