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A reproduction of dirt Mc Grit's screenshot

Wallpaper is

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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htmlrules says:

BTW, this is my first so criticism would be awesome =D

Wed, Dec 23rd at 03:33am (8 years ago)

So I permit myself to be the first :D

I like it ! The wallpaper rox, I like the style, but if I can, you hide too much the character, your sidebar in the middle is too long, she shouldn't touch the leg.

Also, what if you put the time in the top right corner ?

I hope you don't take this bad ! I'm not a professional either. Except of those details, It's looks perfect for me.

Oh ! Last thing, you should hide useless icons in the taskbar.

Wed, Dec 23rd at 02:06pm (8 years ago)
htmlrules says:

Cheers man, im taking all of this and redesigning it now

Wed, Dec 23rd at 09:06pm (8 years ago)
redwed says:

where is the download button?excuse me, im a newbie here... tanx for the attention

Sun, Jan 3rd at 05:33pm (8 years ago)
h8r says:

This is beast.

Sun, Jan 10th at 01:12pm (8 years ago)
htmlrules says:


Mon, Jan 11th at 05:43am (8 years ago)
krafi2000 says:


Sat, Jan 16th at 12:03pm (8 years ago)
maro20651 says:

how to download

Sun, Jan 17th at 10:05am (8 years ago)

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Created by htmlrules
on December 23rd, 2009

70772 This work is a modification of My Desk design by Dirt Mc Girt.


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