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Artist's Note

my desktop on 2009-11-7
(yes this is the real windows 7 ultimate)

Comments (4)

zwylde says:

glad i dont have it

Sat, Nov 7th at 01:34pm (8 years ago)
Xerxes666 says:

wow... thats busy

Sat, Nov 7th at 01:44pm (8 years ago)

I want to be you. I want to be able to install an os, change a wallpaper, flood the desktop with shortcuts and find it good enough to post here. And to click "I love it!" on my own submission.

Life would be easier for me then. Nothing would hurt me. Things would be just passing thru me. I would live forever. Singing. In the rain.

Sat, Nov 7th at 03:50pm (8 years ago)

Ups, I've noticed there is a mistake at your age data, and you're actually way younger than 17.

Pardon my poison, it was aimed to an older dude. I'm still against default looks, but you don't deserve the sarcasm I put into it - as you are developing.

Sat, Nov 7th at 04:29pm (8 years ago)

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Created by YordiEdit
on November 7th, 2009


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